Fiers Boutique Enthusiast

Terms and Conditions of Fiers Boutique Enthusiast: 


  • Discount on clothes
  • Gifts to top enthusiast of the month
  • Discount codes to give out to buyers 
  • Recognition on social media platforms
  • Help with buying
  • much more!


  • Post at least 2x a week on your own social media page 
  • Post minimum of 4 pictures a month of you wearing Fiers Boutique clothes on your own social media and Fiers Boutique media
  • Engage in the group (comment, like, post)
  • Send out discount codes and invite new people to group. 

Fiers Boutique has the right to change these conditions at any time. Fiers Boutique has the right to cancel the contract between them and any enthusiast at any time if we feel the enthusiast is not fulfilling the requirements.